About the Designer

Launching Hayden by Shaddy Ellian in 2018, Shaddy Ellian knew that the Middle East and world were ready for a high-quality luxury brand that caters to the fierce yet feminine, classic yet daring woman. Still under the age of 30, Ellian firstly established himself designing accessories pieces and soon after morphed the brand into belts and bags; and later this year he will be launching a ready-to-wear collection.

The Egyptian designer’s journey has paved the way for opportunity in the Middle East. Growing up in Kuwait, Ellian has lived in Europe and the United States, until settling in Egypt to launch Hayden. He was the go-to person among his friends to advise on their personal style, buying pieces, mixing and matching them to complete their looks. At age 24, Ellian began working in the entertainment and PR field, as the muscle behind some of the Middle East’s top events, until one day he decided to quit everything and focus his time and energy into creating his own brand.

One day when visiting a woman, named Hayden, who was struggling with cancer, Ellian was inspired by her confidence. At first glance, to Ellian she was suffering but to her she was bold and could do anything. It was after meeting her that he knew the name of his brand- Hayden. Having launched globally, the brand has a showroom in New York City, and has premiered at New York Fashion Week- as well as Paris Fashion Week. Working with Arab models and international models from Jamila Awad, Hala Shiha, Carmella Rose, and Lala, Ellian has positioned the brand on another level.

With pristine strategy, Ellian has guided Hayden as more than a fashion brand but a lifestyle brand that makes women feel confident and audacious. Ellian is a strong proponent of diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry in the Middle East and as a whole. With his North African heritage and black skin, the designer has had to overcome many challenges of prejudice and racism in launching the brand. But with a solid customer base, Hayden clientele embrace Ellian’s racial background.

With drive and persistence, Ellian continues to transition Hayden to new levels and will be branching his brand to other parts of the Middle East. A luxury brand where every item is handmade for women is the heart and journey of Hayden by Shaddy Ellian. Each piece tells a unique sartorial story that flows into the lifestyle of the women that carry Hayden pieces, propelling her to be the fearless feminine spirit that she already is and that’s reflected in each collection.